A different style of worship

Dear friends

Refreshed by my fortnight leave, I returned to work this month and picked up pretty much where I had left off. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Soon our lovely church secretary will be off on her holidays too – how will we cope!!

We all love a nice time away from the usual daily routine, don’t we – even if it’s only a “staycation” or a week at home doing something completely different.

With this in mind, the worship team is going to try something different this summer. As pulpit supply is proving difficult, especially over the summer, we are going to try a different style of worship.

We’re going to get out the small tables that we used during the pandemic and try “café church”. Don’t worry too much, it won’t be so very different – just a little less formal and maybe a little more interactive. Coffee will be available from the beginning of the worship and we hope you might enjoy a change.

I’m looking forward to our little adventure together and who knows, we might come up with more ideas to refresh our worship here at St Columba’s!


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