A little holiday

Dear Friends

This week I am going away – I’m having a little holiday visiting friends (and my son) in the south of England.

Having made and dispatched the last portion of “St Columba’s Soup” – at least until the winter returns, emptied my diary of everything after the 50th anniversary event at Church House on Saturday; my mind needs to turn to packing what I will need while I’m away.

I may appear to you to be a pretty organised person? Or maybe not. But I really hate packing. I can never decide what to take with me on a journey. I always end up regretting not taking something as well as bringing a lot of things back that I never used. If anyone has any good packing tips, I would be glad to hear them – though it’s a little late now because by the time you read this, I’ll be in “That London”!

If only we had a crystal ball, or a way of knowing what any of us are going to need for our journey, if we knew in advance what might happen on any given day. I wonder though, if we would be any better prepared? Or whether we actually want to know what is coming next? I suspect if I’d known half of what might happen to me at various times in my life, I might never have left the house at all!

Like most people, I tend to take each day as it comes, with all its ups and downs, and deal with it the best I can – I muddle through. So as I mentally review the contents of my little suitcase, check my tickets for the umpteenth time, panic about buses running on time – and everything else that goes with travelling any distance; I wish you adieu.

Look after the place and each other til I get back would you? Cheers!

Blessings and Love


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