A Very Different Christmas

Dear Friends

Well, here it is, Merry Christmas – everybody’s having fun! Or that’s what the song says anyway! It feels a very different Christmas to last year. Covid is still around, and we are being warned to be careful, but does it feel to you as if everyone is trying to do twice as much this year to make up for last year’s “quiet” Christmas?

And if I’m honest – there’s a lot I will miss about last Christmas. The simplicity, not running around trying to be in 3 places at once, not buying too much food “in case someone pops in”, not trying to keep everyone happy (and in consequence keeping no one happy, including yourself!). This year, I will admit, I am struggling to keep up with everything that’s happening – I’m behind with so much that I had intended or been asked to do. So, if there is something I have forgotten, or if you don’t get a Christmas card, please don’t be offended – I really am trying! And I have promised myself this; that I will find at least an hour or two over the festive period, to be quiet – to remember what this is really all about, to look again for the peace, to bring my heart and mind again to the important things.

Last year, we only had the things we needed, and when we couldn’t be with family and friends, we realised how much those people meant to us. Let’s not forget that – and this year, just spend your best time with the people who really matter.

A peaceful, blessed Christmas to you all.



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