Aid for earthquake victims

Dear friends

You cannot fail to have been moved, as I have, by the tragic events in Turkey this week? Our shock as we began to realise the size of the earthquake and the huge loss of life makes us all feel like we want to help. At the time of writing the death toll stands at 21,000.

There’s an impulse to “do something” which is mingled with feelings of helplessness. As I watched reports on the TV I knew that though my first thought was that I might want to go and help the rescuers; I am also well aware of my limitations and would only get in the way.

What do we do when we feel helpless? Is there a way we can help? I have heard people saying they want to collect useful items and send them to the area, but would this really be the best way to help? By the time any items reached the point of need, they would have had to travel many miles and would probably arrive too late, surely?

My own thought is that the best way I can help is by supporting the professionals already working there – doing an amazing job. I will be sending a donation and the intent is that we put a collection plate at the back of the church on the next few Sundays, to be sent to the disaster fund. All the aid agencies are already on the ground, not only rescuing where they can, but also helping grief-stricken relatives and those who have been made homeless. They are working together to bring relief and comfort wherever they can.

Nothing will ever again be “normal”, to those affected but, with help, those survivors will begin to rebuild their lives. Along with the funds to people who are in a position to help, I will also pray – for hope, for strength, for courage, for comfort – I hope you will join me.



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