Autumn is upon us

Dear friends

Autumn is upon us, season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”. The Acer tree in my front garden is turning the colour of flames. There seems to have been a bumper harvest of apples too – and I have made some apple chutney for the Christmas Fair with some of that harvest.

With autumn though, comes the realisation that winter is just around the corner, and with the cost of living crisis arriving at the same time, times will be hard for many people.

To answer, in a small way, the problem of keeping warm this winter, St Columba’s is opening twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) from 11 til 3 as a Warm Space. We will be serving home made soup and a cuppa in the Gathering Place. It will be warm and people can sit for as long as they like. There will be no charge. Sometimes it feels like it’s not much of a help – but already other places are taking up the idea. It is becoming a national project – and as they say in Scotland “many a mickle, makes a muckle”. Hundreds of churches and community places up and down the country will be opening their doors to people who are struggling to heat their homes, or who simply want some company and a chat. Do come and join us – between us, we CAN make a difference.



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