Easter blessings

Dear Friends

On Friday I took part in the Billingham Churches together walk of witness. On the walk across the park, trying to be nonchalant with a 5 foot cross over my shoulder, I was very aware of walking by myself. Some people smiled at me while others studiously looked the other way – I was aware that I had begun humming a hymn, quite without knowing it, and probably reminding myself that I wasn’t totally alone. Thankfully it wasn’t long before I joined together with a nice group of other Christians outside the old library. I was very pleased to see the smiling faces of Josie, Mavis and Margaret as I rounded the corner to the meeting place, Stephen and Phil joined us later along with Sue – so I didn’t feel quite so alone. It’s amazing the difference it makes to be among a group of people who make you feel safe.

I don’t know whether our event brought anyone closer to Jesus, I don’t think we can ever know what effect it will have in the coming days, but it felt good to be witnessing to our faith and sharing how we felt on such a significant day in the church year.

It’s been mentioned in the churches together meetings, that we might join together and support each other more in the future – church numbers are declining everywhere, and the committee are looking into ways we can work with our friends at other times. If you have any ideas, please have a chat about it to me, Mavis or Phil so we can take any possible initiatives to future meetings.

It feels so good this Easter to be joining with others again, I hope to see you at our Easter breakfast and the Easter Sunday service to once again enjoy the fellowship that comes with being part of our church.

Easter Blessings to you all


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