In Harmony

Dear Friends

As I get older, I find that there is little in this life that is not improved by doing it together with others. I have had an incredibly busy week – not all of it work related – and it has been amazing!

Last weekend we had a naming ceremony at church for my youngest grandchild, Fable, surrounded by my children and all their friends, it was a joyous occasion. On Sunday we had a church meeting, which I found very uplifting – though we have had the sadness of losing two much beloved members of our congregation, there was a feeling in that meeting I was heartened by. A feeling we can all work together to cover the gaps left by working hands.

On Saturday I did something I love – I sang with my choir in the Laing art gallery in Newcastle. As you know, I love to sing, anywhere anytime – but there is something wonderful about singing together with others, in harmony (usually).

Being human is to live in community – and much as we see when we come together in worship – doing it alone is fine, but there is little as joyous as praising God together in St Columba’s. I hope we may find it uplifting and refreshing for a long time to come!


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