Looking forward to 2023

Dear friends

Well, here we are again at the beginning of another New Year, my goodness doesn’t time pass quickly? My visitors have gone home and I’m looking at my Christmas baubles – looking a bit tired and out of place now that Christmas is over. The wreath on my front door is slowly slipping down the fishing line that is holding it up. In the next day or so I will take them all down – put them back into their boxes, keep the useful bits of my home-made wreath and put them away for next year, and put Christmas away for another year.

Yesterday I found my “to do for Christmas” list – which remains disappointingly uncompleted. I’m a bit cross with myself to be honest – I was planning to do so much more in the church, but perhaps I was expecting a bit too much.

I think we all thought we would have a more normal Christmas – and we did – but I think we underestimate the “pandemic hangover”, maybe we all expected a bit much of ourselves?

It’s usual to feel a bit “flat” after Christmas, and tempting to try to retain the sparkly bits , make them last a bit longer. I won’t though – because new challenges come along all the time – and if I keep looking back, I won’t take that step forward into the new year.

So I will forget all those things on my list that didn’t get done – they’re irrelevant now, I will pack away the sparkly bits for future use, I will think fondly of the year that has passed and try to remember the good bits, and I will look to the New Year with enthusiasm and hope.

I wish you all a sparkly and interesting 2023.



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