Off camping!

Dear Friends

This week I will not be sharing worship with you all – I hope you won’t miss me too much! I will be camping in a field in Northamptonshire, near Kettering.

I love going to the Greenbelt festival, away from everyday stuff, like running water, toilets, mobile phones, computers, showers – in fact I won’t even receive my electronic copy of this newsletter until I get home on Tuesday evening!

This year there promises to be some great music and some very interesting speakers – Caroline Lucas, Baroness Lola Young, John Bell, Malcolm Guite – to name a few! I might not get to hear all the stuff I want to, but that doesn’t really matter. Being there and enjoying the relaxed friendly atmosphere is all part of the fun. There’s some religious speakers too, and the huge gathering for communion on the Sunday morning.

You know me though – I couldn’t spend 5 days anywhere without doing something to keep busy? This year I am again volunteering as a pastor to the volunteers. Greenbelt is run by an army of volunteers, some of them quite young, some have been doing it for years, and I am part of a small group supporting those volunteers. I walk around with sweeties, sticking plasters, a smile and a willingness to listen. While the volunteers support the people at the festival – our group supports the volunteers – because we all need support sometimes. It’s a lot of walking, it’s tiring, sometimes sad – but mostly it’s a busy, happy, noisy time away.

I couldn’t do it all the time, because I’d be exhausted – but for those 5 days it’s an amazing experience and I always return home tired, happy and refreshed spiritually.

I’ll be telling you all about it when I get back!



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