Rain did not stop play!

Dear Friends

After the summer we had last year with all it’s restrictions on activities – this year feels like it has been VERY busy! Way back at the beginning of June we had our friendship group return with a bang – an excellent celebration of 40 years at St Columba’s. Since then it feels like I haven’t stopped!

We’ve had Brownies, Rainbows and Guides with their end of term celebrations, followed quickly by the start of Busy Bees! We have managed to run 6 amazing sessions for the young people culminating in a barbecue. I have to say a word here about Sue Wilcox – she appears to control the weather! Every end of term event and outdoor activity has been blessed with good weather – even when the forecast has been bad, we’ve avoided being drenched and often had beautiful sunshine.

The most recent was the barbecue at the end of Busy Bees on Tuesday gone – we heard it was raining in Stockton so started early, planning to cook everything and bring it inside when the rain arrived. Except it didn’t happen – what we had was a lovely outdoor barbecue, with parents arriving and joining in! All the ladies arrived for the friendship group, the children went home, we got the barbecue cleared away, we closed the door – and the clouds burst! It seems that Sue has her prayers answered more than most! Or is it that she prays for other people rather than herself? All the activities were for the young people who, along with the rest of us, have had their activities limited by Covid – we wanted them all to feel that they could begin to have a good time again, to run and jump and shout and play without worrying. Sue planned some amazing sessions that everyone enjoyed – and every time she said “it’ll be fine, it won’t rain” – to be honest, I’m happy to believe her from now on!

This summer we have also hosted sugarcraft classes and crochet classes – and for the past few weeks I’ve been going down to church on a Saturday morning to help Fliss and Carl practice the first dance for their wedding. And, it’s not over yet – we still have the friendship group meeting in Ted’s garden next week and I’m definitely going to ask Sue how the weather is going to be!

Until next time – stay safe and well.

Love Ann

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