St. Columba’s Festival of Light

Dear friends

This week sees us beginning the lead up to Christmas. This week is Advent Sunday and I have 3 services to go to!!

Last year, you may remember, the lights we hung outside the church proved very popular and were commented on by lots of people. This year I thought it would be nice to extend it a little and make it a festival. We’re calling it “St Columba’s Festival of Light”, and we hope to have lots of lights inside and outside the church.

The lights seemed to appeal to everyone, perhaps because in these short, dark days of winter, we all like bright and sparkly things to cheer us up? In church we talk about Jesus coming as the “Light of the World” and many other faiths have light as their theme. Light has a transformative effect on all of us – people of all faiths or none. We thought it would be something to make the whole community smile.

We have shared the idea with the school across the road and two of their year groups are working on lanterns. They are going to bring them across in December. The Brownies and Guides are also working on decorative lights. Would you like to join in? If you have an idea for decorating a tea light holder, or have a favourite lantern you wouldn’t mind loaning to the church – or even if you would like to make a lantern like the ones we made as children with sugar paper? Please bring them along and we will decorate the church inside and out over the advent season.

If you need a little help making a lantern – come and talk to me, we’ll think of something!

May the light of God’s love glow in all of your hearts this Advent.


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