Thoughts of Spring

Dear Friends

Every January is the same – as soon as the days start being noticeably longer, my thoughts turn to spring, which I am confident is just around the corner! I know it isn’t really and that we have at least a couple of months of cold, dark days before we see the back of winter, and yet, hope has risen in my heart.

What I like about these slightly longer days is looking at my watch as I put the big light on in the afternoons and noticing it’s a little bit later every day – every day is a nice little surprise! I also like that sunrise is at a time when I am awake! The sun will rise tomorrow at ten past eight – and if I go up to my bedroom window I can spend a few minutes with my morning cup of tea, watching the world wake up. When it’s a clear day the sky is picture perfect and I have seen the blackbird back in my garden for the first time in months.

I sometimes forget how big a part nature plays in whether we feel hopeful – it’s amazing the difference a few sunny days make to our feelings of wellbeing. Alexander Pope said that “hope springs eternal in the human breast” but sometimes it’s hard to feel that way, on the days when our faith and our human spirit are tested all we can do is hold on. So, now that the lighter days are coming, hope has risen again, and I wait with expectation to see what this new year will bring – a new year I look forward to experiencing with all of you.

God bless you all


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